My Desktop Dashboard

Quotes on my Desktop via GeekTool

With all the crazy productive stuff going on in my life, it has always been GeekTool to the rescue!

The UNIX Connection

The easy explanation is that the Mac OS is built on the UNIX core. So you can totally use a bunch of Shell Scripts on your Mac, either via Terminal on your mac or via GeekTool.

I will be the first one to admit that I do not know much about all these things. Heck, I am NOT a coder. But then so many people out there, are! And they are sweet and kind enough to put their scripts out on the Internet for people like me to use. To them, I say:

Thank You! You guys and gals rock! Totally!

GeekLet IconA great resource for finding these Geeklets, as they are sweetly called is: The Geeklet Repository on MacOSXTips.

Before You Begin…

GeekTool IconFirst things first, in order to get the basic stuff of GeekTool running, you will:
– Have to be on a Mac (Duh!)
– Then install GeekTool.
– If you want to have your Calendar schedule and Reminder lists up on your screen, then you will also need to install icalBuddy.

Once you’ve done all this, you are ready to begin!
I also suggest, giving this GeekTool tutorial a look-see. It covers the basics, so I don’t have to.

My GeekTool Setup

Yes, I know I kinda looks like all I do is watch TV and throw out the trash, but that isn’t the case! I’ve excluded a bunch of calendars from the list. Those contain my regularly scheduled writing blocks.

Rest assured, I still get all the alarms buzzing on my iMac, iPhone and iPad at all times!

Technology works strives to keep me working! LOL

Now if you want to have your desktop look like mine, here are the scripts for you to implement, and enjoy!

  • Date: Date +%d
  • Day: Date +%a
  • Month: Date +%b
  • Time: Date ‘+%I:%M’
  • AM / PM: Date +%p
  • This Month’s Calendar (with Today’s Date in Red): cal_head=`cal | head -1`; cal_tail=`cal | tail -7`; today=`date "+%e"`; echo "$cal_head"; echo "${cal_tail/${today}/33[1;31m${today}33[0m}”;
  • Next Month’s Calendar: cal $( echo $(date +%m)+1 | bc ) $(date +%Y)
  • Weather: curl --silent "" | grep -E '(Current Conditions:|C<br)' |="" sed="" -e="" 's="" current="" conditions:="" '="" <br="" \="">//' -e 's///' -e 's/<\/b>//' -e 's/
    //' -e 's///' -e 's/<\/description>//‘
  • To-Dos and Events: Echo TO DOsEcho/usr/local/bin/icalBuddy -nc -stda -sd -ss '' -b '- ' -nrd -df '%RD : %a, %d %b' -po datetime,title,notes -ps '|\n|\n|' -etp priority,location,url tasksDueBefore:"tomorrow+2”EchoEcho EVENTSEcho/usr/local/bin/icalBuddy -nc -sd -ss '' -b '- ' -ec ‘names-of-calendars-you-want-to-exclude’ -nrd -df '%RD : %a, %d %b' -po title,datetime,location,notes -ps '|\t|\n|\n|' -eep url eventsFrom:"today" to:"today+2”

I hope this is useful.

It certainly is for me.

Special Thanks to Eric for asking me to do this post!

The Hero(ine)’s Journey: Coincidences Much?

There comes a point of time in everyone’s life – everything comes to a point of crisis, and all your long-held beliefs shatter, all the foundations and structures break down, and everything you know about your life ceases to exist.

It is at precisely this point in your life, that you realize that all you thought about – about your self, about your life and everything else in it – everything is not what it seems to be.

That’s when your life changes. You have a blank slate in front of you – and a ray of light – clarity emerges. You then begin a journey of discovery. You find out who and what you really are, and of course, discover what it is you want to be / do in life. You find your path, your calling. And of course, when you decide to pursue that path, life opens all its doors for you.

A new adventure begins – a new journey of self discovery, self examination, and more importantly, self awareness.

I do believe that I went through such a process in my late 20s, which led to me discovering what I wanted to do in my life. And I began to do it.

The macro journey has more or less continued till date, surviving my transition from India to the USA. Great!

To be honest, I am pretty much doing a ‘repeat the story’ thing here, and all that is fine. The challenges are different, new, and exciting. But, honestly, it is more of the same thing – you know, kind of like eating ice cream, just another flavor of it. It can be nice, but you cant simply keep changing the flavors all the bloody time – even that can get repetitive.

So, here I was, sitting and wondering, what, if at all would be the next level of this particular journey – kind of like how it is in video games – you win one level, and then you have pretty much the same story repeating in the next level of the game, but maybe different adventures, different territories, different villains, and most especially different goals.

And of course, the challenge level is also a bit more.

Plus, it has just come to my notice that my Saturn Return period (Sade-sati in Marathi / Hindi) is on the verge of ending. This is a very important milestone. Most people dread the Saturn Return – they say it is a period of harsh lessons and troubled transitions. Sure, it was one for me too – although for me, it may have lasted for a bit more than the 7.5 years – but I digress. Transitions are good – this means, I get to advance to the next level of the game.

So, what will be the next level for me? Honestly, I still don’t know for sure – but based on past experiences, I do believe that the picture will soon emerge and clarity will once more shine through.

When these sort of things happen, you begin to notice a series of coincidences in your life – this truly happens when you are on the right path. And since these coincidences have begun, I am getting the feeling that the adventure – albeit a new adventure – is very much about to begin for me.

That being said, let me share the beginning of the story with you – coz that’s how far along I have come! :)

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell

It all began, of course, with me wondering what was next. And then I got this pro-bono website assignment. Which led to a small paid assignment. And on the phone with this client, we got to talking about myths – one of my favorite topics. And he mentioned Joseph Campbell, and his book titled ‘The Power of Myth‘.

Now, I was truly taken by surprise!!

There is this truly amazing course I want to do, and it is an M.A.+PhD in Mythological Studies. Yeah right, truly – and the University that offers this course has this huge library that has some connection with Joseph Campbell. So I knew of this name. I just didn’t know more about this guy. Not one to ignore these coincidences, I decided to see where it took me.

Anyhow, I looked up the ‘Power of Myth’ on iBooks, and there it was. So I downloaded the sample, and began reading. Impressed, I bought the book and continued reading.

That led to me searching for more on Amazon and Netflix – and sure enough, You Tube. And I discover a huge treasure trove of info on the guy.

He was a Mythologist – and he said a couple of things which I have been saying for the longest time – only he proved it and wrote a bunch of books about it too!

One thing he says is: All myths have the same common themes, only they change with geographic location to add / subtract stuff here and there to suit it.

Another thing he says is: Follow your bliss, and doors will open for you.


I watched his videos on You Tube and was mesmerized with his storytelling abilities. He made myths look so much fun!

The Hero With A Thousand Faces

The Hero With A Thousand Faces

And so, I checked out a few of his documentaries on Netflix, and am now reading ‘The Hero With A Thousand Faces‘, have a couple of more docus lined up in my Netflix queue, and so forth.

And also, guess what, a clearer picture of the themes of my life, and of the next level of the journey is beginning to emerge. I don’t quite know what the right words are for it – sometimes words are hard to come by with the blinding light of sense – but I kinda know where I am headed now.

So yeah – I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the Universe, for sending the right clues my way, and giving me the sense to know that they were clues and so forth. I honor and respect it, and I promise to pursue it to the conclusion – till this level ends, and another begins after that.

I mean, isn’t that what life is all about, after all, a journey towards understanding, realizations, sense and knowledge?

Meanwhile, I leave you with a few interesting videos so that you understand what I mean…. Enjoy!

A Playlist of Interesting Videos relating to Joseph Campbell on You Tube.

Am I A Geek Now?

And no, this hasn’t gotten anything to do with the fact that the app is named ‘GeekTool’! LOL

Brace yourself, this is a long story! But it’s got some nice pics and links, promise! :)

The story begins with me discovering, or should I say, re-discovering GTD by David Allen. I was first introduced to this system by my friend Rohi. Back then, I simply dismissed this out of hand as being a very silly thing… after all, who needed a system to actually get things done, right?


I soon realized that I needed a system to stay on top of things – especially as my work life and my mac life began to soar new heights of mis-management! So I started to follow the GTD Process in real earnest.

Typical to my nature, this meant I started to look for apps to help me Get Things Done! LOL. So there are quite a few apps out there – and be assured that I have tried them all. And then I stumbled on to a singularly simple method of managing my action items right here. (I had linked to the post in a post on my other blog). In any case, using the Mail app in tandem with the built in functionality of the iCal app combining it with the productivity that one can gain by using smart folders is truly amazing! I mean, it makes sense to use the apps that the Mac already comes equipped with – I paid for those apps when I bought the Mac, right? So, why should I spend some more money to buy yet another app which does the same thing, but in another interface.

But. And of course, there is a But.

I was still not able to add the new To Dos and Events into my calender just right off the bat – and so I downloaded and installed QuickSilver. And of course, it has a lot more bells and whistles, which means I don’t move my hands from the keyboard to open an app or to add a To Do or an Event or even to do some other fun things like do a Google Search! I can just key right through the stuff to get things started!

I even created my own apps for creating To Dos and Events using Apple’s Automator! And I added in some nice things into the workflow with Apple Scripts and Growl Notifications.

And of course, I can customize the entire experience – which is a Big Plus.

But. Still. I wasn’t satisfied.

I didn’t want to open an app to see my daily To Dos and Events. I just wanted to see them on the desktop.

Extreme customization is what the Mac experience is all about.

And there are people out there who really thrive on this.

And while wondering about this and that, I stumbled on to this post on LifeHacker about GeekTool.

And of course, I was inspired.

So I downloaded GeekTool. Then I found out this post here about iCalBuddy, which basically is a shell script for displaying your iCal To Dos and Events on the desktop via GeekTool. And then I searched some more and found some scripts here, and here and got inspired here, here and here to create a desktop that will show some interesting stuff on the desktop along with my To Dos and Events. And then I searched for some art – Google Image Search and Deviant Art being my primary sources.

And since I don’t have Photoshop or anything remotely interesting to work with for my images, I decided to give Keynote (the equivalent of PowerPoint) a whirl. And guess what, I did it!


Moleskin Image | Coffee Cup | Desktop Background | And other random images (the fountain pen and the ink spatters) which I cannot track down.

The result:

A Desktop which looks like this:

My GeekTool Desktop Final

So, at the end of all this geek-ery, how do I manage my workflow with GTD? Here is the low down…

Since I work via the Internet, and my Mac is my office, all of my work gets tracked via e-mail.

So every time I get an e-mail that needs attention right away (within 2 minutes), I reply to it right away.

Then, if there are messages that need some doing to get tackled, get flagged, and then either a related To Do or Event gets added to my list. In Mail, it is relatively simple, just do the two-finger tap to get the right-click menu which includes a link to create a New To Do or Event. I always set alarms that will go off at least 2 days before the due date so that if I have lost track of things, I can handle them. Mail and iCal are beautifully integrated. So when I add a To Do or an Event, they get synced right away. Automatically.

add note todo flag.pngproject note mail.png

smart folders mail.png

Oh, and I can also create a To Do from the Mail menu as well.

So, how do I keep track of the things that I need to do?

Every Project gets its own notes and they can have To Dos which sync across my Mac.

Then, I have configured some smart folders which automatically track some of my To Dos based on their Due Dates or Notes.

So with a glance at the sidebar, I can see what’s up.

But what of when I don’t have the Mail app open in front of me?

Simple – GeekTool has now enabled me to see my To Dos and Events and some other jazzy things right on my desktop!

(Notice the little Apple Logo in the coffee cup where I display my CPU and RAM stats – I am pretty proud of it!)

My GeekTool Desktop Final For Edits.png My GeekTool Desktop Final For Edits_2.png My GeekTool Desktop Final For Edits_3.png My GeekTool Desktop Final For Edits_4.png

Time Zones.png


shelf.png And of course, QuickSilver is also integrated into this workflow. Any important document finds its way onto my Shelf from where I can easily access it. And the shelf conveniently slides in and out of view from the desktop.

So after all this, all I do is get right down to it!


Just Get Things Done with Mail, iCal, QuickSilver and GeekTool.

New Newsletter and Some News

Hello and welcome to this edition of my newsletter.

I expect, most of you must be wondering why it has been quite a while that my newsletter went out. Let me explain…

Prior to this edition, my newsletter went out via the Nourish site. But, of late, this site was down – as there were some major upgradation works going on on the site. So, eventually, I have moved my Newsletter to MailChimp. And got all my blog feeds literally ‘stitched’ together via FeedStitch. Now, isn’t the internet just a wonderful place! I am back in business again!

For some time now, the Nourish site has been down – but I found out yesterday, when I checked it again, the site is up! So I am back to Nourish for my newsletter service! I hope that the site doesn’t go down again.

In doing so, however, I could not access my account with Nourish, and so was unable to extract the list of my newsletter subscribers. So,

Meanwhile, I did the most logical thing and imported my address book into the system. So, if any of you have received this newsletter in error and wish to discontinue getting it, please, accept my apologies, and opt out of the mailing system by clicking on the relevant link at the bottom of this e-mail.

Many of you must be wondering about the different posts on my blog… all always too general… none of them depicting the true state of my mind. And it is true. I have been going through a lot many changes in the past few months. None of them unpleasant, I assure you. But all of them leaving me much more confused than I ever thought that I would be, given the circumstances.

Coming to the USA was quite something for me. After 12 odd years of living away from my family, I am back within the warmth and glow of the cheer that only family can provide. My Mum, Dad and Sis – all of them are wonderful people and I never knew how much I really missed them till after 12 odd years and especially after I have lived amongst them for the past few months. It has been quite a different way of life for me, these past few months. Not at all like how it was back in Pune, that is for sure! But, it is not entirely unpleasant. I am actually liking it. Yoicks! I had never quite expected that. You know, many things have changed – people change, circumstances change – in fact, change is the most inevitable thing on this planet. And somehow, quite unexpectedly, it has crept upon me – this realization, that I am not quite averse to having my family around me all the time. It is very, very different – but definitely a nice idea.

This brings me to my next confusion. Now that I am here, I would like to pursue my goal of higher studies along with everything else. And because Mum is an Adjunct Professor with a University here, I can get a discount in the fees I am told. And if I get an Assistant-ship at the University, I may get a stipend too! So, I will have to ideally give my GRE and TOEFL exams – which are not an un-surmountable ordeal. But that is not what I am confused about!

Many of you may have known about my intense desire to study Mythology, Symbolism, Psychology and of course, the craft of Film-making. Now, unfortunately, none of these are offered in one course. I will have to choose! And that confuses me. On the one hand, I would like to get a certification in Counseling and be able to really reach out and help people. And then on the other hand, I want to study Myths and Symbols till I drown in them! And then, there is that part of me which wants to study the craft of Film-Making and give in to my creative impulse and indulge in the process of actually being able to transform my vision of a story into reality. If any of you so wishes, please do write to me with what you think would be the perfect thing for me to do… a rare occasion it is when I actually ask for a suggestion. And if you have one, do let me know – What, according to you, would be the best choice for me?

Work is coming along pretty steady too! Had I been making this amount of money when I was back in India, I would be partying hard and working hard! But the funny part is, that here, that amount is pretty much Peanuts. So I have to figure out a way to roll in the big bucks. I am going to scratch my head on that one for some time and figure out a strategy – a plan. I wish that my good pal Leena was here with me now – we really used to discuss business strategy together quite well… I do miss having her here – now, there’s one girl who’s got her head on her shoulders! It is quite rare for me to be able to talk business with someone, and especially if that someone happens to be a girl. As most of you may know, I don’t often engage in such kind of discussions with all and sundry. So Leena, if you are reading this – lets schedule a voice chat session soon girl! We need to brainstorm, big time!

Also on the agenda for me is getting a Drivers License. Apparently there is no way around it. Gotta face my fear eventually. Have decided to give it a go. Do my best and leave it all up to the Universe. I am sure that Existence will do right by me….Gulp! Facing your fear is always a challenge, isn’t it. Although the visa interview was my biggest fear – and I overcame it…this one should not pose too much of a problem now, should it?

Life here is pretty interesting – people give each other a lot of space – perhaps a bit too much space. Coming from a culture where everyone is into everyone’s life, I feel pretty isolated here. Funny observation: Ever since I have come here, I sit out in the porch and smoke my cigarette ever so often. Now, when you do that for some time, you get to see some people pass by your house on a regular basis. It has been five months now, and I actually managed to get 2 waving friends. Now, had it been India, it would have been 20 by now (given my track record) and I definitely would have spoken much more than “Hey”, “Good Morning” and “Have A Nice Day” with them! Ah! America is a good place. But if you live in the ‘burbs as I do, then spaces become too confining. I really don’t find myself getting accustomed to the silence. It is surely not like Mumbai or Pune. I do hope that I move out soon enough – and to a bustling, noisy, polluted, crowded city, like maybe NYC! A total city girl at heart – yup – that’s me! But that will happen soon enough, I suppose.

It is strange. I don’t want to go too far away from my family this time round! Yeah – I know – most of you must be shaking your heads and saying “She’s lost it now” – but it is true. Coming from the mouth of the person who is a committed lone ranger – it must have shocked many of you! But like I said – times change, people change. I guess, I have too!

Well… enough said for one blog post! ‘Til Later Folks!


We all know about how Windows works (and crashes)- and how much I really love (and want the Mac)…

Here is an amazing video which really shows us how Windows absolutely takes the cake…Imagine for a while (if you can!!) that the Matrix ran on Windows… So what do you think would happen???!!!

Watch this video and laugh! I know I did!

This is what happens if ‘The Matrix’ Runs on Windows…..




Well! It’s finally happened! Something every writer / poet dreams of happening!

One of my poems was noticed (on the Internet, I will add!) and then they got in touch with me. My poem will soon be published in a teacher’s guide which is part of a program in American Schools called ‘Plugged Into Reading’. You can learn more about the program by clicking here.

I could write reams and reams about how this makes me feel, but I feel I shall restrain myself. Otherwise, things could go out of control… :-)

The poem is reproduced below:

The Outsider.

I could have asked you for the moon,
A diamond ring, a palace, a car.
But I think I spoke too soon, that
You were my only brightest star.

Your heart I cherished, your love I wished
But you looked at me from somewhere far.
And where I laid my heart for you,
You trod upon it without a care.

I saw us both, laughing, smiling,
My dreams remained what they were.
You look elsewhere, and I at you,
And I felt again tonight, “Outsider”.

I am an outsider in my own world,
Looking at myself from afar,
Hoping and wishing to be loved,
To be your only brightest star.

But I think it’s not meant to be,
For as it’s true for all to see.
An outsider is always just so near,
And is never let inside the door.

Exploring Windows Live Writer

Just downloaded and am trying out this really fascinating thingamajig called Windows Live Writer! A godsend for me – a person who blogs almost everywhere at all times using Word and has no idea how the final product will look like…and then after I upload it, I do some 3 rounds of edits….

And the best part the thing is FREE!! And it has some really cool plug-ins…

Check it out! This one can add an image as a Polaroid Picture…

And so, we can really make my pictures look very very cool…

Oh yeah! Tres tres cool!! (Tres – means ‘very’ in French) *show off*

Trailer of Chemical Wedding

And now we have inserted a video!! All you have to do is put in the URL of the video into the thingy and its done!

And for the best part – all you do is click the ‘Publish’ button and its published to your blog right away!  Cool right! Here is how we insert an emoticon smile_regular Hee hee hee!!

Even editing the post is easy – all you have to do is the retrieve the post by clicking on the post link in the ‘Recently Posted’ thing on the side and just edit it and click ‘Publish’ – and you are done!

Man! Technology sure makes life easier for us doesn’t it?

A very handy tool – especially for me!!

Want it? Well then…download it here.

How to make your Windows XP look like a Mac

So, am I turning into a techie? Ye Gads! No!

But I would like to add my 2 cents to all those people out there who are looking (just like I was) for a better way to convert the looks of Windows XP (SP3) so that it looks like a Mac.

The best way is to get a Mac – but the cost was too much for me, so I went around looking for the next best thing. And why, you would ask, did I embark on such a mission?

Well, of course, the main reason is because this was what I wanted. The second reason being that I was unwell – having been struck down by one thing and the other – including a heavily sprained ankle (while fully swollen it was the size of a large tomato). This blog post is the result of all that time pass.


So let’s get down to business shall we?

First let’s take care of the downloading bit.

Download a free software called FlyakiteOSX from
Download UX Theme Patcher for SP3 Or download the UX Theme Patcher for SP2
Download the Tiger theme for UX Theme Patcher
Download a free software called Winflip
Download a free software called Vista Virtual Desktop
Download the latest .Net Framework from Windows
Download a free software called True Transparency
Download the Leopard XP True Transparency Skin
Download RocketDock
Download Mac and Leopard Icons

Store all these downloads in relevant folders as per your desire.

Now unzip / unrar them as required.

Now follow these steps.

Right Click on your windows taskbar and uncheck the ‘Lock the Taskbar’ option. Then, drag the taskbar to the top of your desktop and then right click on the taskbar and check the ‘Lock the Taskbar’ option to lock it in place.

Now run your UX Theme Patcher exe to patch the uxtheme.dll in your Windows XP. Then reboot your computer.

Then copy the Tiger theme folder in this folder: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

Then, on your desktop, right click and click the ‘Properties’ option and go to the ‘Appearance’ Tab. There select ‘Tiger’ under ‘Windows and Buttons’ and select the color scheme and font that you like. Click on Apply or OK. Wait and see the theme change.

OK. We are not done yet. Not by a long shot. But we are almost there! Now install RocketDock and drag and drop all your desktop shortcuts onto the dock. Make the desktop neat and clean. You can even search for something called as a ‘Stacks Docklet’ on RocketDock’s site and simply unzip / unrar the file into the Plugins folder in C:\Program Files \ Rocket Dock. Copy your Mac icons into the Icons folder in the same manner. Now Add a stacks docklet on to your dock and let it point to any folder you like. The icons will appear like the Leopard Stacks. You can even select the appearance of the icons – either they can appear as a fan or a grid. I like Rocket Dock compared to the other docks out there because – the file size is small to download and it doesn’t hog my RAM like other programs.

OK, now we have the basics set up. Now install Flyakite. It is a great program which lets you choose the things you want to install. Have a look at what all is offered and choose what you like. Make sure you don’t choose to have it install the MS Office files because once you un-install it, it screws up the look of your MS Office icons. You can choose to install the common stuff like the logon and logout screens and the common file types and ubericon and color folders bit. I like all those. Rest all are your options. Choose well.

Now install Yahoo! Widgets and link it to the Dashboard icon on the dock. Install the widgets you like – make sure you include the Stickies and the Weather widgets. There are many more on the Yahoo! Widgets site – choose what you like. Have fun!

Now, install the .Net framework because you will need that for Vista Virtual Desktop to run properly.

Now install Vista Virtual Desktop. You will see its icon in your system tray. Right click on it and choose options. This is absolutely essential – go to the Hotkeys tab and uncheck all the hotkeys. Then on the first tab uncheck the mini toolbar and check the option to show the mini preview when you move your mouse over the icon. Then tweak the rest of the options as per your desire. Also, in the appropriate tab select to run this program when Windows starts. Also in the programs tab you have to choose which programs run through all the desktops – for example I want my Yahoo! Widgets and Rocket Dock to run in all the virtual desktops I have, so I have added those programs to the list. To get the name of the exe, just click control-alt-delete to get your Task Manager up and type in the name of the program along with the .exe extension and add it. [*The reason we do all this is because the hotkey previews are very difficult to get out of and its dreadful. Doing this makes life easier.*]

Now we are close to finishing. Install Winflip. Again right click on the icon in the system tray and choose options and tweak it as per your desire.

Finally, copy the Leopard XP skin folder for True Transparency in the folder called skin where you have unzipped True Transparency. Then run the exe and right click on that icon in the system tray to select the Leopard Skin. The windows Open, Close and Minimize, Maximize buttons move to the left (just like in a Mac). [*A bit of advice here – if you have Office 2007 installed on your XP, then TT may give you some issues. So you may choose to not run it if you want. I don’t know how it behaves with Office 2003 – coz I haven’t tried. Open Office reacts ok to this software though.*]

So there you go. You are all done!

Here are a few screenshots of my desktop with all these bells and whistles. Check it out!

The Screen

The Dock

Icons in Fan Selection for Stacks

Icons in Grid Selection for Stacks

The Taskbar

Yahoo! Widgets (in Heads-Up view)

Vista Virtual Desktop

Winflip effect

True Transparency (Note how the titlebar icons move to the left like in a Mac)

Oh yes! And enjoy the new Mac look for your Windows XP desktop!

Windoze Format – Paradise Lost!

So I love to install programs and then uninstall them and do a lot of masti with my laptop! The end result – some many GBs of space gets cluttered with some shit data (which I can never locate and delete manually) which ends up clogging my disk space… let it also be known that I also love the System Restore feature of Windoze…. Use your imagination!

I decided to take the bold step of formatting my C partition and re-install all the programs in order to free up the space.

It is said, that such an experience leads one towards Windoze Enlightenment.
With such noble intentions, I embarked on this journey – a place I have never explored before!

I decided to bone up on the background research – searched for videos on YouTube, where to my utter dismay I even saw a video where a 14 – 15 year old kid do this.
So I back-up all my data on my trusty external hard disk.

Thinking that I was not to be left behind, I sat down on Saturday to do the deed.

11:00 AM – I begin. Am all clenched up in all kinds of places. Worry can do that to ya!

1.30 PM – The C partition has been formatted, and Windoze XP has been installed. This begins my entry into the world of ‘searching for Drivers’.

6:00 PM – Have downloaded all the Drivers. Thanks to Bit Torrent and all the seeders out there! God Bless You! (If I have paid good money to buy a branded Laptop, why doesn’t the compay also provide a disk with the drivers? Beats Me!)

8:00 PM – Have installed the drivers. My screen resolution has been restored! And I have audio! Have also updated my Windoze software! Yay!

9:00 PM – Discover that when I launch my Outlook Express, it doesn’t behave like a fresh install and begins to look for some data files! In a mad rush, I join my external hard disk to the lappy and then do something which doesn’t work…end result, my outlook has got 2 Personal Folders and all hell has broken loose!

11:00 PM – Having re-installed Office 2007 and still discovered that this is not working, I decide to go to sleep.

Saturday has now transitioned to Sunday…

12:00 AM – Tossing and turning, I suddenly realize that there is a file in my other partitions called MSO Cache where some data has been stored…so again with noble intentions I get up and begin the process again. This time, I am going to format all partitions. I never liked partitions anyways. So I get to it.

3:30 AM – Windoze has been installed. Drivers have been installed. Office has been installed and now behaves like a fresh install. I am thrilled.

4:00 AM – Now is the time to retrieve my backed up files. I begin with Outlook. Some files get imported properly. Inbox doesn’t. All my correspondence data is in that file. To my utter dismay, the files have gotten corrupted in the prior import processes! I am not so thrilled anymore!

5:30 AM – Physically and mentally exhausted, I stumble to my bed and sleep.

9:00 AM – Call from a friend about something. I listen. Fall off to sleep right after.

10:30 AM – Insistent ringing of doorbell – the woman who comes to take the trash. After seeing my haggard state, she apologizes profusely. But it is of no use. I am now awake.

During The Day: I install all the programs and generally relax. Also have a reading to do for a regular client. Day passes without incident. Am also searching for freeware files which can repair the .pst files. There are no freewares. So I download a trial version of something. I don’t mind paying some $$s if it works. The software tells me that only 5 e-mails per folder will be retrieved. For the rest, I will have to buy. OK. But the software doesn’t show me the e-mails that it has supposedly retrieved. How do I trust it? I abandon all hope.
Perhaps, it is a sign. I am supposed to leave it all behind….who knows!


After installing all my programs etc. I do some quick calculations on the handy Windoze calculator. I have managed to retrieve some 5 GBs of free space on my disk!
At least, I got something right!

Anyone out there who can retrieve .pst files for me, get in touch. I will pay!

Otherwise, I shall carry these relic files with me forever to remind me that sometimes, one needs to take backup of backup as well…

My Website Re-vamped!

As an annual custom, my website, has been subjected to a re-vamping session – the look and feel, and of course, the content has been changed.

As such, I did not have very many complaints with the previous look of the website – because it was a CSS Table-less format. But that time when I made it, I admit, I was quite in a hurry. And it was, like, stark white. But this time round, I took my own sweet time going for a contemporary (tilting more towards the ‘Web 2.0’) kind of look.

I wanted to make the navigation more straightforward and the look smoother. I wanted to create a home page that talked more about the work that I do, rather than go into who I am. There is an ‘About’ page for that, right? Plus, and more importantly, I wanted to create content which was more SEO friendly. I put in some Google Analytics code as well to see how my pages track up with hits and stuff. This way, I will know which pages are attracting more visitors and which aren’t. And so on…

I experimented with Dreamweaver, as usual. For that, I searched high and low on the Internet for a free template and downloaded one, and then I did a whole lot of reverse engineering and finally got it to look like what I wanted.

The first look was ok – but the thing was that by the time I uploaded it in a ‘beta’ folder, I was not happy with it at all. So I got down and dirty with it and made another look. This time I got what I wanted. Inspiration came in one flashing moment and then the rest of it just fell into place.

So my new website is up. Here is a quick comparison of the old (not the beta look though!) and the new look.

Let me know your thoughts. Do comment.

Question of the Day: When will I have a software like iWeb for Windows?
Answer: When I buy a Mac!

*Puts it in her To-Do List*