Stinky Rat – Part II

Well, the weekend came and went. It was like the Axis of Earth tilted and moved back for me. Things happened which I can't even begin to describe...No Worries - I will live! Nothing or No One has ever been able to make me stop doing THAT!Well, did not go to work on Monday. But... Continue Reading →

Stinky Rat

We have a stinky rat lying dead somewhere among the wires and what-have-yous in our office. For some reason, we cannot locate this bugger and management says that we have to bear this till the weekend, when they will clean up the place. This is a poem dedicated to this dead rat in office.(to be... Continue Reading →

Casino Royale

So my boyfriend and I watched Casino Royale yesterday. This is again, of course, a remake of the older one (I hear). I don't know. I have never seen the earlier part. I can only comment on this one.Daniel Craig as "Bond, James Bond" was not so great - OK OK I am being kind... Continue Reading →

HR – Why?

My straightforward opinion about HR employees is that they consist of such people who cannot do the actual job that they hire people for, and most often they themselves do not understand what the job is all about. Given such conditions, the HR department is involved in hiring personnel for jobs. They may have a... Continue Reading →

BPOs in India: Modern Day Sweat Shops.

The BPO boom has taken a strong foothold in India. Youngsters these days have a lot many opportunities to work and explore several career options as soon as they graduate. When I graduated, those options were not available. I myself have worked in two such BPO companies and have experienced the life and the lifestyle.Why... Continue Reading →

The Departed – Movie

Watched "The Departed" yesterday and enjoyed it totally. Apart from the obscenities which were flowing in profuseness, the movie plot was quite fine, if overused. Such mafia-cop rat movies are fairly common. So whats different with this one. Really - nothing! Jack Nicolson is good as the mafia boss. Matt Damon leaves a lot to... Continue Reading →

Umrao Jaan

I watched the remake of Umrao Jaan yesterday. This was the version with Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. To be honest, I quite liked the movie. It was quite well done. I also liked the shayari and the songs - probably the only reason that I still dont end up humming the tunes is because... Continue Reading →

Ambience of Devdas and Parineeta

I watched Parineeta yesterday - the remake of course with Saif Ali Khan, Vidya Balan and Sanjay Dutt. I have seen Devdas with SRK, Ash, MD and Jackie Shroff a while back but the movie stayed in my mind forever.These new movies that they make nowadays concentrate on creating the right ambience - especially when... Continue Reading →

Men Make Me Mad!

Men are the most infuriating lot of individuals that I have encountered on this planet. OK OK so I am going over the top a bit - not all the men are silly and I don't intend on generalising. But then some guy comes along and really takes the cake.Don't get me wrong - I... Continue Reading →

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