B.C. Sutta Na Mila

About a year or so ago, I heard this song at this new place I had joined as a Copywriter and could relate to it so much, that I laughed and cried and sang the song with all the others like me!This song totally symbolizes the criticism that smokers are subjected to on all levels... Continue Reading →

The Power to Choose

The most important power in the world is the power to choose. I have come to believe this after a long, hard journey of discovery. An individual has enough motivation and logic for self preservation, from the moment he/she is born. That is why babies cry when they are hungry, thirsty or have wet themselves.... Continue Reading →

The cat is outta da bag – finally!

Well, it finally happened! Just a few minutes ago, and I rushed upstairs to my room to do write this post! (Guess that makes me an authentic blogger now! Does it?)Anyways, here is how it went: The landlady told me to quit smoking since it is bad for me and all that. It was done... Continue Reading →

Check It Out!

Hey! My first article got published!Here is my link for my author page on buzzle.com My Author Page at Buzzle.Com and here is the link for the first article I wrote and it got published: My First Article for Buzzle.Com - so check it out!And when you do, please post your comments!

Can’t Help It – Gotta Tell The World about this!

Yours truly has been accepted by a leading website to write articles for it! *Big Round of Applause, and many Pats on the Back*I know this doesn't sound much, but it's a start, and as such, it is a Big Deal for me! I still have to attend a training session and post the articles.... Continue Reading →

Secular Democracy – or Is It?

The constitution of India states that we are a secular, democratic republic. But every morning when I see the newspaper, I find that very hard to believe. “Why?” you would ask me: the whole world is raving on about India. But as an Indian, I am offended when I see the newspaper every morning. There... Continue Reading →

Friendship – On My Terms!

Note: This post began as a draft on the 28th of November, 2006, and I have posted it completely, today. Hence the dates and the timelines may be a little askew, but forgive me my weaknesses!----------------------------------------------I started this blog primarily to write about general stuff in general terms. But then there are things in my... Continue Reading →

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