Equality of the Sexes: Past, Present. And Future?

In response to a post by one of my fellow bloggers, I felt compelled to write a few lines about my views on the concept of ‘equality of the sexes’.In his post, my friend has mentioned a certain politician wanting to burn down the Ramayana and the Bhagwad Gita (both are noted Hindu Scriptures) because... Continue Reading →

Celtx – Screen /Script Writing Freeware

Aaahhh!This post has taken way too long for getting posted!Want a freeware which makes your life easy for writing scripts for film and television, and all the rest of media pre-production stuff? Look no further and visit http://www.celtx.com to make your script / screen writing dreams come true!This is totally an open source freeware! *... Continue Reading →

tarot-ically speaking…

It gives me much pleasure to announce the birth of my Tarot Blog at WordPress.Go ahead and have a look! This blog will feature random thoughts on anything and everything to do about Tarot.At present, the blog is pretty much in its infancy. I plan to improve it over time, so y'all will need to... Continue Reading →

Payment for services rendered: The truth is stranger than fiction.

As a freelancer, I face the double role of being a business (wo)man along with being the creative person. And as a freelancer, I am also open and understanding about payments, fees – what have you. There have been several occasions where I have been asked why I charge (in the first place) to why... Continue Reading →

Movie Review Including the Glaring Mistakes in ‘Water’

Just came back from the movie theatre after watching Water, the movie by Deepa Mehta. This movie was banned from being shot in Varanasi, India and was finally shot in Sri Lanka. Hence my interest. Also, the fact that this movie completes Deepa Mehta’s trilogy which included the movies Fire and Earth. I had quite... Continue Reading →

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