On Why Rang De Basanti Would’ve Never Gotten That Oscar

This is a short essay about my personal feelings about why India’s entry to the Oscars, Rang De Basanti and why it would’ve never gotten the Academy’s Award.Let me tell you first off, that I have no authority whatsoever, on the technical side to really make any comments. But I do have every authority as... Continue Reading →

Junk In My Inbox

Here is an excerpt of the junk that I get on a daily basis in my Inbox – this means at least 5 e-mails everyday.What is CIALIS?CIALIS is the only ED (Erectile Disfunction) tablet clinically proven to work both up to 36 hours and in as fast as 30 minutes. And because CIALIS has an... Continue Reading →

Old People

Old people – that is people who have advanced in age, somehow feel that their age gives them an advantage of sorts. An advantage to open their mouth and speak whatever the hell they feel like and no one will ever dare say anything against them. I particularly find that is true of my landlady.... Continue Reading →

Anal-ise This!

I am reading this book about psychology. And the book is full of amazing insights. Actually it is a ‘Teach Yourself’ book for Counseling. It makes sense for me to read it because I encounter some interesting situations in my profession as a Tarot card reader.Anyhows, the book, while it is an interesting read, is... Continue Reading →


Why am I depressed?Why am I so down?‘Humanity’ does disappoint,That’s how the seeds were sown.Concepts were created,Ideals were devised.Time was to be a ‘Healer’,So that Principles get revised.Let go of all this nonsense.Let go of all your ‘sense’.And soon the rain will fall,True Innocence will glisten.The cleansing and the shine,Old re-appearing as 'New'.There is nothing... Continue Reading →

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