Flying High to Chennai…

Some things in life are meant to be memorable. This trip to Chennai was one of those things…As a freelance content writer, I get to do business with a variety of people from different parts of the country / world. This particular new assignment required me to visit my new clients at their offices in... Continue Reading →

Psycho in the Basement Parking of Gold Ad Labs

I normally end up going to one of the mall-cum-theatres near my house to watch a movie or two when I am feeling bored. I end up going there alone 9 times out of 10. I have never had such a weird experience in these places. Which is why, when I had one today, I... Continue Reading →

Moving House

Well, not too long ago, my landlord and landlady told me that their son and his family were planning to come down to Pune and stay with them. Towards that end, their son had also begun looking for a job here in Pune. They gave me time till March. And then every single day they... Continue Reading →

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