Mars Retrograde Turns Direct!

Well, Mars, the planet of all kinds of aggressive movement had been retrograde for quite some time now. And it turned direct on the 30th of January.

Ever since then, my life has turned into one hectic place. From that day till today, the past 8 days or so have been quite a mish mash of all things crazy!

Well let’s see if I can remember the sequence of events right…

First I was wondering about having a system of recording the time I spend working and on which projects and at the same time maintaining my income and expenditure records in such a manner that I find out:

o My income per hour
o My expenses per hour
o My costs per hour, and
o My profits per hour.

For what it was worth, I was totally lost about it. I even downloaded freeware project management software, but soon realized that the software was meant for managers in big companies, not for people like me. So, I sat there, forlorn. Asked Michelle what she did in her office for maintaining these records. She said that she only maintains expenses. Again I was lost. So then Leena came over. I asked her. She had a headache and so we went to Prems for chai. After that, recharged, she came back to my place and made this excel sheet which unblocked my mind. From that excel sheet, I went on and made an even intricate excel sheet which was totally configured to record my income and expenses, my daily work records as well as the project costs and revenues etc. In short, the information I was looking for!! Yay!! Leena Rocks!

That sorted, my month of February began on a good note. Then all things broke loose. With deadlines and so on looming on the horizon, I also got this client who wanted a brochure re-written urgently. And then, of course, there was a weekend as well.

Suddenly, my laptop begins to make these whirring noises from the bottom. I had written an article about it once and all my alarm bells went off. I took my baby to a shop downstairs which specializes in all things computer. He assured me that the thing could be fixed and all, and the noise was coming from the fan. And so my laptop went for servicing. Alas, the two days went wasted. The engineer who was supposed to be looking at the laptop had an ill grandma and he went off to look after her. So then, the fellow from the shop got my laptop back, un-repaired. So I went back to work, and completed some deadlines.

And right in the middle of all this was me trying to sort out this cyber-crime thing which is connected to Orkut. Will tell you more once I have the necessary details of the whole episode…

And the week has now passed by and the weekend is here – bringing with it the weekend related activities. The day goes by in work and the evenings are usually spent socializing and so on and so forth.

Although, Mercury is still retrograde till 15th of February, so something is still in the works! Mars has turned direct though. So methinks, 15th of February will make things more hectic and more fun-filled.

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