Funk – In and Out

Well, I know I haven’t been blogging lately. The reason is quite simple though – I have been in a funk and it now seems as if I am in the process of coming out of it too! Probably, that is why I am writing this post, I guess….

Recently read the biography of my favorite writer – Sidney Sheldon. “The Other Side of Me” is a very interesting account of his life – means a lot to me, especially because (a) I am his big fan, and (b) I am also a writer.

Worth a go, the book is a detailed account of his life, and his brushes with maniac depression or bipolar disorder.

Felt a kind of a kinship with him…probably because I go through similar phases in my life too…up and down, down and up….maybe I will consult a shrink one day…and then he/she will dash all my hopes and say to me: “Miss Ghare, you are not insane. You are not mad. You are not a maniac depressive or bipolar. In short, you are just fine!”

Ah well! Probably that is why I haven’t visited one yet….LOL


They say that the two most inevitable things in the world are Death and Taxes. It is so true.

Recently, I have encountered death. Somehow or the other, the ripples of 2 deaths have reached me and touched me.

How does one react to death? Does one send condolences via text message, e-mail or personally meeting the people who are left behind? How does one react to this?

I for one find myself unable to do either. I can just stand there looking / feeling terribly uncomfortable, because, for once, I have absolutely nothing to say to those people which will serve to make them feel better about the death. What does one say under such circumstances – “Ummm…I am sorry for your loss. Take care..” or “My condolences” or what?

I mean there are many standard things one can say…but how many of them can sound real? How many of them can feel real?

Death means we will never see that person ever again. That person who died will always linger on in our memories. Sometimes we might even miss that person. Sometimes, we will remember that person. But that person, in effect, is no more. Gone. Poof. Like a blast of air that comes and goes.

Life is so fleeting, isn’t it? And Death makes sure we know it. Right down to the core.

The great leveler – that is death. All are equal in its eyes. No one is spared. No one can be spared.

It is probably the most inevitable thing that will happen to you once you are born. You will certainly die. All of us will at one point of time or the other.

In the meantime, all we can do is live – really live – each and every moment of life is a precious gift to us. We can only give it our best shot.

History, mythology, symbolism, numerology – all have this concept somewhere within their pathways. One really cannot escape death.

There is so much I can write about it – maybe someday, an academic, educated sort of a post on the topic will come through. But for now, all I can do is just feel.