My Website Re-vamped!

As an annual custom, my website, has been subjected to a re-vamping session – the look and feel, and of course, the content has been changed.

As such, I did not have very many complaints with the previous look of the website – because it was a CSS Table-less format. But that time when I made it, I admit, I was quite in a hurry. And it was, like, stark white. But this time round, I took my own sweet time going for a contemporary (tilting more towards the ‘Web 2.0’) kind of look.

I wanted to make the navigation more straightforward and the look smoother. I wanted to create a home page that talked more about the work that I do, rather than go into who I am. There is an ‘About’ page for that, right? Plus, and more importantly, I wanted to create content which was more SEO friendly. I put in some Google Analytics code as well to see how my pages track up with hits and stuff. This way, I will know which pages are attracting more visitors and which aren’t. And so on…

I experimented with Dreamweaver, as usual. For that, I searched high and low on the Internet for a free template and downloaded one, and then I did a whole lot of reverse engineering and finally got it to look like what I wanted.

The first look was ok – but the thing was that by the time I uploaded it in a ‘beta’ folder, I was not happy with it at all. So I got down and dirty with it and made another look. This time I got what I wanted. Inspiration came in one flashing moment and then the rest of it just fell into place.

So my new website is up. Here is a quick comparison of the old (not the beta look though!) and the new look.

Let me know your thoughts. Do comment.

Question of the Day: When will I have a software like iWeb for Windows?
Answer: When I buy a Mac!

*Puts it in her To-Do List*


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