Am I A Geek Now?

And no, this hasn't gotten anything to do with the fact that the app is named 'GeekTool'! LOL Brace yourself, this is a long story! But it's got some nice pics and links, promise! 🙂 The story begins with me discovering, or should I say, re-discovering GTD by David Allen. I was first introduced to... Continue Reading →

Reality TV – The Modern Roman Circus

As I turned on the telly and flipped through the never-ending series of channels, I made a startling discovery. Almost every other channel featured some kind of a Reality show. And then it struck me - are we becoming like the Romans who came to watch the Circus so many years ago? Typically, most reality... Continue Reading →

Husband Material….

Read this comic on my RSS feed today and boy is it a hoot! Where can I find a husband material guy like the one who asks this woman to marry him right now? Yes, Yes, I know this comic is actually about the woman - but then in the end this fella still wants... Continue Reading →

My Geeky Nerdy Life

These are a few things I think my parents should've read while I was growing up! Jeez! SUBSCRIBERENEWGIVE A GIFTINTERNATIONAL Sign In | RSS Feeds 5 Tips for Raising Your Girl Geek By Natania Barron August 6, 2009 | 8:00 am | Categories: Everything Else, Science and Education Photo: Girl Genius, Studio Foglio LLC As... Continue Reading →

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