Oh Yes, I Rant

I scream. I yell. I screech like a banshee. I cackle like a withered old crone. Rub the snot off my nose. Hot, angry tears spring forth. I curse like a sailor till I’m blue in my face. I let go so I can let it go. I’ve held it all inside of me. This anger. For... Continue Reading →

My Desktop Dashboard

With all the crazy productive stuff going on in my life, it has always been GeekTool to the rescue! The UNIX Connection The easy explanation is that the Mac OS is built on the UNIX core. So you can totally use a bunch of Shell Scripts on your Mac, either via Terminal on your mac... Continue Reading →

Being Selfish

As a child, I was taught to be un-selfish. I was supposed to share everything I had with my little sister, with my friends and so on. As I grew up, being selfish was made out to be among the worst things you could be. But today, I am forced to ask this to myself:... Continue Reading →

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