Some Recent Realizations…

Some Recent Realizations…

These are some of the recent realizations I’ve had…

The Karmic Account Balance

past-life-regressionRecently, a friend and I were discussing past life regression. I have a lot of experiences about it, and he was curious about it.

I’ve seen a bunch of my past lives – not fully, but bits of it which are relevant to my life and karmic lessons in this lifetime. Each time, when I’ve focused on a particular aspect or experience, and I’ve looked into my past lives, I’ve discovered interesting truths about the origins of those experiences. And through those experiences, I have been able to identify and understand the reasons why certain experiences have come up in this lifetime, and what I was supposed to learn because of them.

Sometimes, the clarity came right away. But then, there were those times when it took a bit of time for the clarity to come through.

Yet, he was curious about the concept of ‘balancing the Karmic accounts’. And here’s what I’ve learned about it: essentially, the karmic accounts need to be balanced. The good needs to be equal to the bad. And once that state has been achieved, one has the opportunity to decide what to do next: to go on the path of either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to learn more lessons, or to detach from this endless cycle completely.

The concept is that the account needs to be balanced. Even if you do some more ‘good’, it means that you will need to do some ‘bad’ to balance it out, and vice-versa. Also, it bears noting that with every single thing you do, you will accumulate some sort of karma all over again.

One is Not Always ‘Good’

good-and-badTo say that one was a ‘good’ person in each of the lifetimes would be a lie.

For instance, in one of the lives I saw, there were 6 different people who did a few ‘bad’ things to me. And in my current lifetime, those 6 people did hurtful things to me all over again. However, in another session with an energy practitioner, I learned that I had, in one lifetime, done something really bad to 4 of those 6 people as well.

That was when I realized that this cycle of hurting each other had gone on for a while. In a few lifetimes, they had hurt me. But there were a few lifetimes when I had hurt them too!

To say that this was an eye-opener is an understatement!

The Choices We Make

past-present-futureThis, then, is truly an endless cycle. Since we have no clue about the current state of our karmic account balances, we, naturally, strive to do more ‘good’. But then, that could also unsettle the balance if we have too much of it on the ledger, right?

Also, since we focus on specific aspects of ‘bad’ stuff happening to us in this lifetime, the only information we acquire during the PLR sessions is about the ‘bad’ stuff that happened to us, and their resultant consequences. We often don’t see the lifetimes when we’ve done our ‘bad’ parts. We don’t get to see the times when we’ve also done ‘bad’ things to those people who are doing the ‘bad’ things to us in this lifetime.

Because of this essential existential karmic conundrum, the question naturally arises: What does one do? What does one choose?

Do we keep on doing only ‘good’ stuff, in the hopes that we will essentially ‘win’ this in the end because we’ve been really ‘good’ and therefore deserve to find the detachment from this endless cycle?

Is there really a ‘win’ or ‘lose’ in this endless cycle? Because, the way I see it, once this version of the Universe ceases to exist, another Universe will spring up and the whole thing will begin from scratch.

Of course, those detached souls will have the option to participate or watch over the whole thing. I suppose that could constitute the ‘win’ in this game. I suppose.

Is Detachment Really Worth It In the End?

DetachmentThis is the question I’ve been grappling with these past few years really…

Even if I managed to find my way to being a part of the chosen ‘detached’ few who merely watch on and don’t participate, would I be truly happy in that state? Would I like it there?

I’ve always disliked utopian situations. Viscerally. They just don’t hold any appeal to me. I don’t know why or how, but ever since these concepts became known to me, something deep inside of me felt truly unsettled at the thought of ending up as someone who was detached and not participating.

In fact, I’ve tried isolating myself from the world in real life too, in order to get a sense of what it may feel like. I’ve spent years distancing myself from the world at large, not interacting much with the outside world.

While I’m not uncomfortable with that sort of existence, something deep within me isn’t quite fond of the entire experience either.

I’ve pondered upon this, meditated upon this and thought about it a lot – this strange feeling I have that emerges from deep, deep within me.

What I Choose

meditating-silhouetteIt is after a lot of these deep thoughts that I’ve arrived at a conclusion that has satisfied me on all levels.

I will continue to live my life joyfully, happily, and living each moment fully. I will adhere to the moral codes and principles that have guided me so far in this journey. I will not completely detach myself from the world either. I will participate only in the places where I get to experience the joy and the sadness that appeals to me.

For those who have knowingly and unknowingly hurt me, I am finding a way to forgive them, and let them go so that there are no more karmic connections between us.

For those who I may have hurt, either knowingly or unknowingly, I am requesting their forgiveness, and for them to let go of any sort of karmic connections with me.

This, according to me, would be the best way to go forward.

Even if I reach that state where my karmic accounts are balanced, and I can choose to detach myself from this process, I don’t think I can fully detach. Why? Because I love the feeling of being alive. Because I love the feeling of experiencing the small and large joys of this world. Because, strangely, I also feel alive during the sad moments that one experiences during the process of being alive like this.

This, then, is what life truly is: a fully realized experience, replete with happy and sad moments. The person who finds peace and joy in either is someone who is fully alive. And I intend to reach that ideal. Maybe, I’ve come to a certain point in that journey. But I know that there are more adventures ahead.