So I Published a Book, or Two…

Guess what! Last month, I was finally able to achieve a dream of mine - a dream I've had since...since forever, actually. I finally published my books, and they are now on Amazon! Yay! Happy Dance! Happy Song! Happy Times! Back in August 2015, I ended up putting a zip file on a server and setting up an e-store... Continue Reading →

The Art of Letting Sh*t Go

Many of us hear the phrases “let it go”, “let go of it”, “don’t hold on to it”, and the endless varieties of that concept. And then we wonder: exactly how am I supposed to let it go? How? What is the process? How do I make it happen? Here are some time tested proven ways in which you can let sh*t go. I've learned these the hard way -- through first hand experience. Maybe you may find some thread that you can hold on to and find your way out of the maze that keeps you locked in.

Discovering And Loving Yourself – Its A Choice You Make

Life is really not very complicated. But we certainly leave no stone unturned to making it that way. We give ourselves ideas, complexes, shoulds, and coulds that destroy us from within, and make us defensive and vulnerable for no real reason. I am an ardent student of the ways of destiny, fate, and free will.... Continue Reading →

Settling Down This phrase has always evoked some strange feelings within me. Somehow, when I hear these words I feel as if it calls me to just accept whatever deal fate has dealt me, and to just go with it. By settling, and by settling down(wards), I would be choosing to just stop. I would... Continue Reading →

Prisons We Make

The prisons we make are the ones we've built from the ground up. These are our precious comfort zones. We feel safe here. Secure. Warm. Protected. But we also end up shutting out the rest of the world here. We don't get hurt. But we don't feel anything too. After a while, we even forget... Continue Reading →

The Second Lead

The second lead. This is the character who doesn't get the main character in the end. This is the person who basically just gives up and walks away. There are all sorts of second leads. The second leads who’ve been trying to get the attention of the main lead since day one. The second leads... Continue Reading →

Today, a friend of mine asked me for a favour. Something to do with an ex-boyfriend of hers. If this would have been me from before, I would have taken the time to counsel her, tell her about the pattern of negativity that I've seen repeating in her life, and I would have spent hours... Continue Reading →

Confessions and Other Stories

I’ve been right in the middle of so many things lately - its funny how I am even managing to keep all things in the air, juggling like that. But I don’t feel hassled at all. I am taking things at my pace, going at the speed I want. So, strangely, I don’t feel rushed... Continue Reading →

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