So I Published a Book, or Two…

Guess what! Last month, I was finally able to achieve a dream of mine - a dream I've had since...since forever, actually. I finally published my books, and they are now on Amazon! Yay! Happy Dance! Happy Song! Happy Times! Back in August 2015, I ended up putting a zip file on a server and setting up an e-store... Continue Reading →

My Desktop Dashboard

With all the crazy productive stuff going on in my life, it has always been GeekTool to the rescue! The UNIX Connection The easy explanation is that the Mac OS is built on the UNIX core. So you can totally use a bunch of Shell Scripts on your Mac, either via Terminal on your mac... Continue Reading →

The Hero(ine)’s Journey: Coincidences Much?

There comes a point of time in everyone's life - everything comes to a point of crisis, and all your long-held beliefs shatter, all the foundations and structures break down, and everything you know about your life ceases to exist. It is at precisely this point in your life, that you realize that all you... Continue Reading →

Am I A Geek Now?

And no, this hasn't gotten anything to do with the fact that the app is named 'GeekTool'! LOL Brace yourself, this is a long story! But it's got some nice pics and links, promise! 🙂 The story begins with me discovering, or should I say, re-discovering GTD by David Allen. I was first introduced to... Continue Reading →

New Newsletter and Some News

Hello and welcome to this edition of my newsletter. I expect, most of you must be wondering why it has been quite a while that my newsletter went out. Let me explain... Prior to this edition, my newsletter went out via the Nourish site. But, of late, this site was down - as there were... Continue Reading →


We all know about how Windows works (and crashes)- and how much I really love (and want the Mac)... Here is an amazing video which really shows us how Windows absolutely takes the cake...Imagine for a while (if you can!!) that the Matrix ran on Windows... So what do you think would happen???!!! Watch this... Continue Reading →


Well! It’s finally happened! Something every writer / poet dreams of happening!One of my poems was noticed (on the Internet, I will add!) and then they got in touch with me. My poem will soon be published in a teacher’s guide which is part of a program in American Schools called ‘Plugged Into Reading’. You... Continue Reading →

Exploring Windows Live Writer

Just downloaded and am trying out this really fascinating thingamajig called Windows Live Writer! A godsend for me - a person who blogs almost everywhere at all times using Word and has no idea how the final product will look like...and then after I upload it, I do some 3 rounds of edits.... And the... Continue Reading →

How to make your Windows XP look like a Mac

So, am I turning into a techie? Ye Gads! No! But I would like to add my 2 cents to all those people out there who are looking (just like I was) for a better way to convert the looks of Windows XP (SP3) so that it looks like a Mac.The best way is to... Continue Reading →

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