So last friday, mom calls me from office and says "Wanna go see Avatar?" "Sure", I say, "if we can get a ticket!" So, we got the ticket and off we went. 3 hours and 30 minutes later, we emerged from the movie theater. Post the smiles on peoples' faces, post the applause that the... Continue Reading →

The Accidental Husband

Soon-to-be-married love psychiatrist Uma Thurman doles out serious ‘REAL Love’ advice on a radio talk show. One of her loyal fans calls in, takes her advice and decides to call off her wedding to the fireman-who-looks-a-lot-like-George-Clooney. So when the young man from the Indian family he lives with decides to help him out by hacking... Continue Reading →

Getting Back on Track

Somehow, getting back on track after an illness can often be as frustrating as the being ill… It is very funny – during the illness, I spent my time trying to work – slowly and little by little and I did complete most of my assignments anyways…So I was quite a good girl. And so,... Continue Reading →

Marigold :: Transformers

So here I was, yesterday, getting totally bored out of my skull. So I decided to go for a movie or two. Called the cinema, looked in the newspaper. Went there.First movie I saw was Marigold. This movie has Salman Khan with a nice looking American Actress (she is called Marigold in the movie) and... Continue Reading →

Cheeni Kum – Sweet!

A 64 year old man and a 34 year old woman (whose father is 6 years younger than this man) – meet, fall in love amid the hustle bustle of their individual lives, and want to marry each other.All this amid the crackling dialogues, the sizzling chemistry and the amazingly touching plot….makes for an extremely... Continue Reading →

Spiderman 3 : Kids in Cinema Theatres : Ek Chalis Ki Last Local

This is a post which has 3 posts in one – you may call it a 3-in-1 post!Happened to watch Spiderman 3 yesterday with the boyfriend; got pestered by the kids in the seats above us; and watched Ek Chalis Ki Last Local thereafter.Overall an enjoyable experience for the first and last, the middle one... Continue Reading →

Movie Review Including the Glaring Mistakes in ‘Water’

Just came back from the movie theatre after watching Water, the movie by Deepa Mehta. This movie was banned from being shot in Varanasi, India and was finally shot in Sri Lanka. Hence my interest. Also, the fact that this movie completes Deepa Mehta’s trilogy which included the movies Fire and Earth. I had quite... Continue Reading →

Dhoom 2

The age of sequels has begun in India, with Krissh 2 and now D2. But then sequels are often compared with the first part. Dhoom 2 is no exception. Well, in my personal opinion, they could have done a better job with this one. Ash looks good and so does Bips. But then their skin... Continue Reading →

Casino Royale

So my boyfriend and I watched Casino Royale yesterday. This is again, of course, a remake of the older one (I hear). I don't know. I have never seen the earlier part. I can only comment on this one.Daniel Craig as "Bond, James Bond" was not so great - OK OK I am being kind... Continue Reading →

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