Confessions and Other Stories

I’ve been right in the middle of so many things lately - its funny how I am even managing to keep all things in the air, juggling like that. But I don’t feel hassled at all. I am taking things at my pace, going at the speed I want. So, strangely, I don’t feel rushed... Continue Reading →

Re-Discovering Colourblind

As I was taking a shower today morning, I happened to remember this really cool band - I was introduced to this one by my neighbor Siddharth Tipnis (incidentally, one of the band member's name is also Siddharth - but it is not the same one!! LOL).... I listened to the music at Siddharth's place,... Continue Reading →

Everything Official About It!!

First off, apologies for the break in blog posts…to be honest, I haven’t been that busy, but am certainly guilty of being lazy!! Well… it has been over 2 months now that I have come to the USA. And it has been over a few weeks now that I am a proud (??) owner of... Continue Reading →

Wandering into America

My flight was on the 28th of January 2009. I had packed my stuff into 3 bags, each almost weighing 40-odd kilos. I had booked a taxi and had planned to go to Mumbai at least 2 days before the actual plane trip. Of course, on the 26th of January, which was a national holiday,... Continue Reading →

Emotional and Sentimental

This hit me yesterday - I am going to have only 10 more days before I leave India for ever and ever. I really have no idea when I am going to come back - if I am going to come back at all...Who knows what lies ahead in the future. Although I am excited... Continue Reading →

B.C. Sutta Na Mila

About a year or so ago, I heard this song at this new place I had joined as a Copywriter and could relate to it so much, that I laughed and cried and sang the song with all the others like me!This song totally symbolizes the criticism that smokers are subjected to on all levels... Continue Reading →

The Power to Choose

The most important power in the world is the power to choose. I have come to believe this after a long, hard journey of discovery. An individual has enough motivation and logic for self preservation, from the moment he/she is born. That is why babies cry when they are hungry, thirsty or have wet themselves.... Continue Reading →

The cat is outta da bag – finally!

Well, it finally happened! Just a few minutes ago, and I rushed upstairs to my room to do write this post! (Guess that makes me an authentic blogger now! Does it?)Anyways, here is how it went: The landlady told me to quit smoking since it is bad for me and all that. It was done... Continue Reading →

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