We all know about how Windows works (and crashes)- and how much I really love (and want the Mac)... Here is an amazing video which really shows us how Windows absolutely takes the cake...Imagine for a while (if you can!!) that the Matrix ran on Windows... So what do you think would happen???!!! Watch this... Continue Reading →

Windoze Format – Paradise Lost!

So I love to install programs and then uninstall them and do a lot of masti with my laptop! The end result – some many GBs of space gets cluttered with some shit data (which I can never locate and delete manually) which ends up clogging my disk space… let it also be known that... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law

I salute you Mr. Murphy, especially when you said this: ‘Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong’! You are truly one heck of a wise man!Well, the past few weeks have been an absolute depiction of this particular law of Mr. Murphy’s. Everything that could go wrong, actually did.The thing is, it was totally... Continue Reading →

Junk In My Inbox

Here is an excerpt of the junk that I get on a daily basis in my Inbox – this means at least 5 e-mails everyday.What is CIALIS?CIALIS is the only ED (Erectile Disfunction) tablet clinically proven to work both up to 36 hours and in as fast as 30 minutes. And because CIALIS has an... Continue Reading →

Blogger Custom Domains….

It happened just now and I want to vent!I saw the post about the blogger custom domains on dashboard and so I jumped with joy to experiment. Well! So much for all that! Blogger says it can (in effect) send the visitors who click on your blogger url to a url that you specify (your... Continue Reading →

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