B.C. Sutta Na Mila

About a year or so ago, I heard this song at this new place I had joined as a Copywriter and could relate to it so much, that I laughed and cried and sang the song with all the others like me!

This song totally symbolizes the criticism that smokers are subjected to on all levels of society. And for what, I ask? I strongly believe that each and every one of us is free to make their own personal choices in life. I love smoking. It is something else – you have to do it to know it. Women are especially criticised for smoking – and all kinds of health reasons are cited for this. This is total hypocracy, and the world knows it. Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Tea, Coffee – what is the difference anyways, huh? All are addictive. So I want to know who decides what is legal and what is illegal – and on what basis really?

Here is the link to a band who has come up with a wonderful song dedicated to smokers all over the world – I have had this song for nearly a year now…Found their blog today. So here it is: http://zeest.wordpress.com. You can even download the song, freely, from the link on the blog. *Long Live the ‘Net*

Recently a song has come up with some gal who says “Don’t Smoke Sutta” – I don’t like it – The least the babe could do was come up with an original tune like this guy did…the utter audacity of this woman to copy the same tune and tell something like this – She should be sued!

Anyhows, Enjoy the song…Have a Smoke!