Stinky Rat – Part II

Well, the weekend came and went. It was like the Axis of Earth tilted and moved back for me. Things happened which I can’t even begin to describe…No Worries – I will live! Nothing or No One has ever been able to make me stop doing THAT!

Well, did not go to work on Monday. But come Tuesday – I return to find that the stinky rat was in my CPU….we did not see it when we had checked it on that day. Apparently it was quite small.

Well, now the wires are disconnected and the computer mouse has disappeared. I am actually writing these words from someone else’s PC (at work – *sneaky*).

Well as soon as the tech guy makes his appearance, one shall have a working PC.

Meantime – am enjoying the smell of fresh air – after stinky rat has been unceremoniously evicted!

A few words for the Stinky Rat:

Oh Stinky Rat,
I know you went
to a place far, far away from here.
Oh Stinky Rat,
I hope that you
find your peace, and come back never.

Rest in Peace Lil’ fella!

Stinky Rat

We have a stinky rat lying dead somewhere among the wires and what-have-yous in our office. For some reason, we cannot locate this bugger and management says that we have to bear this till the weekend, when they will clean up the place. This is a poem dedicated to this dead rat in office.

(to be sung on the lines of “Smelly Cat” which is Phoebe’s Song.)
Stinky rat, stinky rat,
where are you lying now.
stinky rat, stinky rat,
its not your fault.

So here we are spraying room freshner and burning incense sticks all day long in office , thinking of scintillating recipes for “eau de stinky rat”.

Thank God my job is part time and I go home in the afternooon! Feel sad about the rest of them tho’.