Traffic Jams in the US of A

Well, this blog post is a bit long in coming to the blog - but it has been ruminating in my mind for quite some time now.... On last Saturday me and Mom were invited for lunch at one of her colleague's place in Delaware. We went, had lunch, chatted with them and left. From... Continue Reading →

Updated! Ready to Go!

Well... many of you have written to me wondering why I haven't updated and sent out my latest newsletter yet! To be honest with you folks, it has been a rough ride for me. And I know that this must be sounding like one hell of a long, and repetitive complaint - but trust me,... Continue Reading →

Everything Official About It!!

First off, apologies for the break in blog posts…to be honest, I haven’t been that busy, but am certainly guilty of being lazy!! Well… it has been over 2 months now that I have come to the USA. And it has been over a few weeks now that I am a proud (??) owner of... Continue Reading →

Visit to New York

So, I finally visited New York City on the 21st of February, 2009.Being quite a lazy bum, I actually took the effort to make this video out of the photos I took with my cell phone during my visit, so that I would not have to write much about it.Those of you who cannot see... Continue Reading →

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