India Trip Recap

The idea of posting stuff on this blog about the years gone by and about my India trip was awesome. Predictably, I began writing about it. Long, lengthy rants. But then, suddenly, I realized something. All of this ranting would practically achieve nothing. Nothing for me, that is. I read through the stuff I’d written... Continue Reading →

Everything Official About It!!

First off, apologies for the break in blog posts…to be honest, I haven’t been that busy, but am certainly guilty of being lazy!! Well… it has been over 2 months now that I have come to the USA. And it has been over a few weeks now that I am a proud (??) owner of... Continue Reading →


The weather here is running amok again - sometimes the days are so sunny, it remind me of Summer, and at other times the days are clouded like in the Rainy season. But the nights - the nights are always very cold... So, guess what, I got a fever! Am running a temperature and having... Continue Reading →

We’re having a Heat Wave!

Ooooh! The heat is on in Pune and it’s not because of any celebrities or events – it’s just way too hot to step out of the house these days!“We’re having a heat wave!” I agreed and exclaimed with Marilyn as she was doing her stuff in the famous song sequence in “There’s No Business... Continue Reading →

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