Interesting Song – Interesting Lyrics

I have been listening to a bit of John Mayer lately - having discovered him (yeah, I know, right!) on one of my channel-surfing jaunts…. Below are the lyrics of one of his songs called 'Belief' from the album 'Continuum'… really interesting…. Is there anyone who ever remembers Changing their mind from the paint on... Continue Reading →

Message or Messenger: What is Important?

These days, watching the news seems to be more of a crime.. everywhere one watches, there are crimes committed in the name of religion. Thousands of innocent people being bombed, massacred and killed - and the reason - Religion. I have always shied away from making any kind of 'bold' statements on this blog for... Continue Reading →

Another Original Thought…

So, after a pretty long time, here is another original thought of mine: मांगने के लिए, हर कोई अपने लिए मांग ले चांद, सितारे, और सारा आसमान । पर मुझे मालूम हैं, कि हैं मेरे नाम पर सिर्फ थोडीसी जमीन, और थोडासा आसमान । या तो मैं इस बात का गम कर सकती हूँ कि... Continue Reading →

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