Today, a friend of mine asked me for a favour. Something to do with an ex-boyfriend of hers. If this would have been me from before, I would have taken the time to counsel her, tell her about the pattern of negativity that I've seen repeating in her life, and I would have spent hours... Continue Reading →

Actually, I Can Only Feel Sorry For Them

Recently, I’ve realized that, for some people I am either a shoulder to cry on, or an easy prey for their petty games. Simply because I am caring and compassionate, and because I am honest and upfront, it doesn’t mean that they get to lean on me when they are in trouble, or take me... Continue Reading →

Oh Yes, I Rant

I scream. I yell. I screech like a banshee. I cackle like a withered old crone. Rub the snot off my nose. Hot, angry tears spring forth. I curse like a sailor till I’m blue in my face. I let go so I can let it go. I’ve held it all inside of me. This anger. For... Continue Reading →

Meeting of The Minds

My definition of 'Friendship' between a guy and a girl: The ability to say "I love you" without having to explain that the feeling is NOT ROMANTIC at all. Unfortunately, I haven't met such a guy ever in my entire life. Sucks, right? 😦

Why Does It Have To Make Sense?

Just finished watching an old re-run of a Sex and the City episode that was titled 'ex and the city'. You know, for whatever reason I could never identify with any of the four girls in the series - and even more so with Carrie. Many a times I have been told that I say... Continue Reading →

Updated! Ready to Go!

Well... many of you have written to me wondering why I haven't updated and sent out my latest newsletter yet! To be honest with you folks, it has been a rough ride for me. And I know that this must be sounding like one hell of a long, and repetitive complaint - but trust me,... Continue Reading →

Emotional and Sentimental

This hit me yesterday - I am going to have only 10 more days before I leave India for ever and ever. I really have no idea when I am going to come back - if I am going to come back at all...Who knows what lies ahead in the future. Although I am excited... Continue Reading →

Que Sera Sera….

Life is so funny suddenly get happy moments and they are counterbalanced by an equal amount of sadness. I was looking forward to going the the USA for so long...I had been telling people that I am going to the USA for so long...the story had actually started to gain 'mythic' proportions...And then, it... Continue Reading →

Gratitude for Politics and Rejection

It was quite an interesting afternoon thought – and finally, I have time to sit down and write it down. It so happened that: as I was getting ready to meet my friend for lunch today, I was also thinking about my current work load, and was also (in my head) designing the flow of... Continue Reading →

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