Celtx Screen Writing Freeware Update!

I got an e-mail informing me about the Celtx Update. I immediately downloaded it and launched it…spanking new splash screen (although I liked the old one!), and including brand new features and templates. They have even revamped their website and their Project Central website. Read more about it on the Celtx website and download the... Continue Reading →

On Why Rang De Basanti Would’ve Never Gotten That Oscar

This is a short essay about my personal feelings about why India’s entry to the Oscars, Rang De Basanti and why it would’ve never gotten the Academy’s Award.Let me tell you first off, that I have no authority whatsoever, on the technical side to really make any comments. But I do have every authority as... Continue Reading →

Celtx – Screen /Script Writing Freeware

Aaahhh!This post has taken way too long for getting posted!Want a freeware which makes your life easy for writing scripts for film and television, and all the rest of media pre-production stuff? Look no further and visit http://www.celtx.com to make your script / screen writing dreams come true!This is totally an open source freeware! *... Continue Reading →

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