Being Selfish

As a child, I was taught to be un-selfish. I was supposed to share everything I had with my little sister, with my friends and so on. As I grew up, being selfish was made out to be among the worst things you could be. But today, I am forced to ask this to myself:... Continue Reading →

India Trip Recap

The idea of posting stuff on this blog about the years gone by and about my India trip was awesome. Predictably, I began writing about it. Long, lengthy rants. But then, suddenly, I realized something. All of this ranting would practically achieve nothing. Nothing for me, that is. I read through the stuff I’d written... Continue Reading →

Getting Back to Life

Its been a very long hiatus from this blog for me. For a long, long time, I felt as if there really wasn’t much to write. Not here, anyway. On the Computer I used to write - all sorts of stuff. But in my computer’s diary app. (First I used MacJournal, and then I began... Continue Reading →

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